Virgo: Aug 26, 2018

Someone you admire may become a mentor to you. Your responsibility, as a student, is to shut-up, listen, and learn. You don’t like being in an inferior position, but that is pride and it’s always been a problem for you. Get that demon under control and realize that you don’t know everything. The wise man knows he is a fool.  How many people go through life not knowing that they are fools?

Virgo: Aug 25, 2018


Your Virgo Horoscope Today

This is not a time for conquest, in work and in private relationships. This is a time for compromise and accepting what others might have to offer. Focus on the right thing and don’t waist time on what’s in your peripheral vision. Keep your eye on the ball.

Virgo: Aug 24, 2018


You are much more powerful than you realize. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t let nay-sayers bring you down to their level. Because, if you do, you will stay there. You don’t have to ask them for approval, that ego boost is unnecessary. Just do it.