Pisces: Aug 26, 2018

Confusion is consuming you. That is the evil one inflicting himself on you. Truth is never confusing, only lies create confusion. Sift through the pro’s and con’s of what needs to be done. That way you will recognize the truth from the lies. Remember, that the main weapons used by the evil one are, temptation, frustration, distraction, and fear. If you are experiencing any, some, or all of them, then you are under attack. Recognizing when you are under attack is the important first step.

Pisces: Aug 25, 2018


Your Pisces Horoscope Today

You are always willing to help others and that can take a serious toll because you can also feel their pain. You are feeling drained and need to recharge your batteries. Try to stimulate your creative side today. Find the time. You can if you try. Read, write, cook something new, but try something.