Leo: Aug 26, 2018

Don’t over think and over analyze. If you do, you will miss opportunities that may avail themselves. Surfers don’t contemplate whether or not they should ride a wave, they just do and trust that it will be good. If they ponder it, the wave will pass them by. Don’t be afraid of going with your gut. What makes you the leader that you are is that you use your instincts.

Leo: Aug 25, 2018


Your Leo Horoscope Today

Follow your dreams and see what happens. Investigate new ideas and interests. Step outside your comfort zone, your confidence will soar as a result, and you will make new contacts. Someone you work with will become a new ally.

Leo: Aug 24, 2018


You have a lot of opportunities to make a change today. Don’t grab at the first one. Be kind to everyone and some strong connections can be made. Sort through your options and carefully make a good decision.