Gemini: Aug 26, 2018

Your universe is orbiting around you today. You are very powerful. Being the powerful one, it’s possible that you won’t know your own strength and overdo. Be careful and use your power wisely.  Don’t be too eager  to wield your lightning bolts. Be humble and kind.

Gemini: Aug 25, 2018



The Devil is in the details today. Double-check everything to weed out careless and possibly catastrophic results. Something important is coming up soon and you will look great to others if they see you knew in advance. Pay attention to what’s important to the people around you and act accordingly.

Gemini: Aug 24, 2018


Today you will receive mixed signals. You won’t be sure who to believe or what direction to take. Stand back and breathe. Things will settle down and sort themselves out. Stick to your usual routine. Nothing dramatic will change unless you take the initiative and change it.