Virgo: Aug 26, 2018

Someone you admire may become a mentor to you. Your responsibility, as a student, is to shut-up, listen, and learn. You don’t like being in an inferior position, but that is pride and it’s always been a problem for you. Get that demon under control and realize that you don’t know everything. The wise man knows he is a fool.  How many people go through life not knowing that they are fools?

Aries: Aug 26, 2018

Today will offer you a few simple pleasures. That’s what daily living is really all about. Enjoy them. Because they are simple, they can be easily overlooked. It is up to you to recognize when they occur. So, a quiet mind is helpful to tuning in when you experience them. If you do, you will be very grateful of the universe and everything around you.

Aquarius: Aug 26, 2018

Ninety percent of the things you worry about never happen. And ninety percent of success is just showing up. These clichés sound trite but are very true for you. You worry too much about nothing , which consumes a lot of your time. Also, if you didn’t give up too soon and just showed up to do whatever you were supposed to do, you’d be a lot farther along and more goals would be accomplished.

Gemini: Aug 26, 2018

Your universe is orbiting around you today. You are very powerful. Being the powerful one, it’s possible that you won’t know your own strength and overdo. Be careful and use your power wisely.  Don’t be too eager  to wield your lightning bolts. Be humble and kind.

Libra: Aug 26, 2018

Be up front about how you feel and what you want. You don’t want to be pissed at yourself tomorrow because you didn’t take action today.  Opportunities might not be available to you alone. If you don’t act someone else will and you’ll be watching their success when it could have been yours.

Cancer: Aug 26, 2018

Your  day will start out peaceful, and it can remain that way if you let it. Take each hour as it comes and don’t overwhelm yourself thinking that you need to get everything done. Don’t feel  uncomfortable because the day isn’t structured. Go with the flow. It’s a positive change for you. If your schedule is already full for the day, make sure that you schedule a free day in the near future.

Sagittarius: Aug 26, 2018

Bad habits need to be addressed.  Try your hardest to kick at least one, then move on to the next. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. They are weighing you down and holding you back.  Remember that, if you  falter, you can always start again. Life is full of second chances. Every day you wake up is God’s way of saying, “Look, here is a second chance.”

Taurus: Aug 26, 2018

Budget your money better, and stop the frivolous spending. All the money you spend on things like Starbucks, and fast-food are adding up. Look for fun things to do that don’t cost money.  You can have great experiences and spend no money at all. Do some research on the internet, or ask a frugal friend. Taking a walk can get you to a lot of places instead of using Uber, and it’s a lot healthier.

Scorpio: Aug 26, 2018

Revisit goals and projects that you’ve placed on the back burner. You might have completely forgotten about things that can have a really positive or negative impact on your life and the lives of those important to you.  Do it.

Pisces: Aug 26, 2018

Confusion is consuming you. That is the evil one inflicting himself on you. Truth is never confusing, only lies create confusion. Sift through the pro’s and con’s of what needs to be done. That way you will recognize the truth from the lies. Remember, that the main weapons used by the evil one are, temptation, frustration, distraction, and fear. If you are experiencing any, some, or all of them, then you are under attack. Recognizing when you are under attack is the important first step.